Welcome to our Adoptions page!  Thank you for having a look at the horses and ponies we have available for adoption.  Adopting a horse is an amazing experience and is helping support our efforts to keep as many horses, ponies and other equines out of the slaughter pipeline.  If you don't find a suitable horse or pony today, please check back often!  We never know when the next newcomer will arrive.

We take pride in making sure all of the horses that we take in are given the neccesary care when they arrive.  All horses that come here are immediately dewormed, receive vet care and we have our Farrier do the required hoof care.  All horses are placed in our quarantine field for 4-6 weeks. If someone wants to adopt the horse & bring it home prior to the end of quarantine period they do so at their own risk.

The adoption fee covers our expenses such as the bail that was needed to get the horse or pony out of slaughter, trailering, quarantine board, vetting, and farrier. The money we get from our adoptions also goes towards helping/bailing out future horses at risk.

These horses and ponies are not re-trained and re-sold by us.  They are given unlimited time in a calming environment where they aren't under pressure.  They get to heal, relax and find their forever home in as little or as much time as they need.

We have grouped our adoptable equines into 4 categories in order to make your search easier.  Please click on the picture to see the horses available for adoption in each category.

If you have any questions, or are looking for something in particular, please contact us.  We are in contact with other rescue organizations who may have the horse or pony you're looking for.